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The Developmental Academy will focus on skill instruction & training. Upward Stars Developmental Academies utilize the Master Coach approach. Coach Chris Patriarco scripts & directs the training. The Assistant Coaches then apply the drills to the skill level they are working with. This approach ensures that each player is receiving the best instruction that is tailored to their skill level. This also ensures that there is continuity in language & techniques that are taught. Our Developmental Programs are for athletes of any skill level and experience. These programs build and enhance an athletic foundation that will prepare each athlete for long-term success. There is a high focus on fundamentals, individual skill training, and motor skill enhancement. We recommend each athlete participate in a Developmental program before participating on a Travel Team.

  • Champions Forest / Jersey Village Skill Development Academy

    Boys & Girls - Ages 5-17 Years Old (players will be split up according to skill level)

    6 Weeks / Every Friday / April 6th - May 11th / 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
    Program Fee
    $360 (18 Total Skill Hours) First 20 Registered receives $30 Off. Use Promo Code: EARLY30
    Master Trainer Coach Chris Patriarco & Certified Assistant Trainers/Coaches
    Practice Format
    Our Skill Development Academy will break down the game of Basketball to a simple science. We will break down each technique(s) that mimic in-game moves. Everything from footwork, dribbling in movement, shooting in movement and off the dribble to more advanced moves like Up and Under's, Step Thru's, Step Backs and even Euro Steps. Every move and skill will be demonstrated and talked about in-depth so that players get a full understanding of why each move is important, how to use the skills and when to use them. This 6 week, 18 total hours in the gym will not only give your player(s) the skills to play better but also give them the knowledge of the skill breakdowns and ultimately give them the confidence to play smarter and truly have fun playing this amazing game called Basketball. (Bible verse that relates: Psalms 144:1 - Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.)
    Important Additional Information
    UpNext Sports Gym Address: 13225 Farm to Market 529 Road, Q Houston, TX 77041

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    Performance Long Sleeve Tee, Basketball, Bracelet
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