Houston Basketball

Upward Stars provides unique programs designed to adapt and expand with each athlete as they develop in their personal athletic journey. Browse our programs and find the one that best fits you! Each program incorporates intense practice sessions, high-level coaching, character lessons, and a service project.

  • Camps/ Clinic

    We focus on more skill development in an experience where players improve their technical abilities. The athletes will be exposed to all four pillars of the game throughout the program: physical, mental, technical, and tactical with the primary focus being technical.

  • Developmental / Academy

    The Developmental Academy will focus on skill instruction & training. Upward Stars Developmental Academies utilize the Master Coach approach. Coach Chris Patriarco scripts & directs the training. The Assistant Coaches then apply the drills to the skill level they are working with. This approach ensures that each player is receiving the best instruction that is tailored to their skill level. This also ensures that there is continuity in language & techniques that are taught. Our Developmental Programs are for athletes of any skill level and experience. These programs build and enhance an athletic foundation that will prepare each athlete for long-term success. There is a high focus on fundamentals, individual skill training, and motor skill enhancement. We recommend each athlete participate in a Developmental program before participating on a Travel Team.

  • Travel

    Travel programs are ideal for athletes who have a strong technique and motor skill foundation and experience playing at higher levels of competition. These programs focus on implementing what was learned during practice into on-court success. Each team will be challenged to improve through intense practices, games, and tournaments. Open a link below to learn more about our Travel Team Programs. We offer 3 levels of teams: National, Regional, Local.